lunes, 14 de abril de 2014

Peacocks International Highlife Band - Unbeatable Abiriwa

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  1. Thanks very much! They were certainly one of the livelier Nigerian bands, and one of my favorites.

  2. Dear Willson,
    live in lagos in the province capital of country from Nigeria and I am fan of your blog. these days I decided to visit stores CDs and vinyls for my city.
    I have watched many albums from one of my favorite and most charismatic artists. Prince Nico Mbarga a big star, his style suits to Elvis Presley.,+front.jpg
    I was wondering if you had an album of this artist I'm looking for some time and I could not find it, I was wondering if you can have and share.
    I hope it's a good friendship between us, I'll be very happy to share with you

    Patrick Walls -


  3. Buenos días.
    para informarles que este álbum tiene el link dañado. les agradecería muchísimo la reparación

  4. Gracias podría re subir este album